SmartSys Delivers first of barcode scanners to Manica Africa

The first batch of barcode readers were delivered to Manica Africa, (part of the BIDvest group). The readers will be used in the management and tracking of cross-border operations.

LONMIN Automated Weighbridge Delivered
SmartSys completes contract at LONMIN Rowland Concentrator for installation of RFID hardware in a Weighbridge Automation Project.

AST and ISCOR take delivery of RFID tracking system from SmartSys

Installation and commissioning of RFID tracking system was completed ahead of schedule at ISCOR’s Newcastle plant. The ladles were tagged with Radio Frequency Identification tags to track the movement of the ladles through the plant.

SmartSys becomes Intermec Partner
SmartSys became an Intermec Partner recently by completing all the stringent requirements necessary for doing so. They also became one of the few companies in the country to have Intermec Certified System Engineers on board

SmartSys Develops new long range RF link for Intermec barcode scanners
SmartSys developed and tested successfully a long range belt clip to extend the range of the Intermec readers. The first models were delivered to BIDVest and are being used successfully at the moment. Smartsys specializes in RF solutions for the industry.

SmartSys High Temperature tags being tested at Gerotech

SmartSys Animal Tags ready for distribution
A new tag has been developed for the animal tagging in conjunction with a South African company. It is hope that this low cost tag will solve a lot of Management issues that Farmers have.

Intermec Reader one of only a few RFID readers that have ICASA type approval – be warned

LONMIN final phase in RFID project delivered

Chrisick Transport in front of race with cutting edge Technologies

Chrisick Transport became one of the leading transport companies when it installed RFID tags on its trucks to do load management.

Intermec to release new IP3 Handheld RFID Reader as add-on to popular 700 Series

Intermec Technologies Corp announced European and African availability of its Intellitag® IP3, a new radio frequency identification (RFID) reader configured as an accessory handle for the company’s popular 700 Series Pocket PC mobile computer. The Intellitag IP3, introduced in the U.S. in June, adds the ability to read and write to Intellitag RFID tags to all Intermec 700 Series Color mobile computers. European availability is scheduled for the first half of 2004.

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