SmartSys-RFID system - Transponder Integration - South Africa

SmartSys is a company that believes people rather than hardware or software makes a system work; we therefore believe that every person from the sales personnel, the developers, the supplier and the client himself is an equal partner in this company.

Although the SmartSys team has been specialising in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems for over 19 years collectively, we have been forced to align ourselves with most of the other technologies surrounding the Information Technology market. RFID is seen as the big growth area in the world and closes so many loops that have never before been possible without intensive man power and accounting procedures. It is no wonder that RFID is seen as the solution to so many automation problems in the IT industry.

We can thus offer the following services, systems and products:

  • Transponder Integration.

  • Database Integration.

  • Weighbridge Automation and Management.

  • Warehouse/Truck Management.

  • RFID products for almost any product.

  • Total turnkey projects:
    • Including installation of hardware
    • Development of software.
    • Active after sales support and maintenance

  • Wireless Technology (with unsurpassed management tools)
    • Including a wireless local area network (802.11b) radio for in-premise applications; a GSM/GPRS wide area network radio for remote applications; and a fully integrated power-managed Bluetooth radio for short range communication to peripheral devices.

  • Integration into SCADA systems (WinCC, iFix etc) via OPC

  • Off the Shelf - Proof of delivery solutions RFID System

  • Off the Shelf - Maintenance management and scheduling

  • Barcode and printing Solutions – with wireless scanner and printing options

  • API’s that make integration into your software very easy

Our Solution services encompass the following areas:

  • Consulting and Design
  • Project Management
  • Procure & Supply
  • System Planning
  • System Configuration and Testing
  • Control and Business Process Engineering
  • Advanced Application Development
  • Field Services
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Documentation

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